7 Tips for Shopping Online

Here are some tips to help you out next time you decide to order clothes online because friends don't let friends shop badly...

7 Tips for Shopping Online | www.paigedenisebrown.com

1. Sign up for email newsletters. 

Stores are always going to have seasonal and holiday sales, so sign up for notifications to get those discount codes that are exclusive to their subscribers. However, I suggest to only sign up for the stores you reaaally love, because all those emails will get annoying!

2. Decide what you want/need to buy.

Have you cleaned out your closet recently, and need to replace certain items? Did you see a trend that you want to incorporate into your wardrobe? Get it girl!

3. Take your measurements.

Sizes vary by store, so make sure you know your basic measurements (i.e. height, bust, waist, and hips) to be able to order the right size.

4. Look at multiple sites to compare prices and sales.

You never know...that item that you're looking at on one site could be cheaper on another.

5. Save to cart.

While you are browsing other sites, save the things in a shopping cart in case it's close to selling out. Don't leave it too long, though!

6. Create outfits.

Do this to avoid buying a bunch of random crap online, and I would suggest figuring out at least 3 ways you can wear the item before buying it. That could be with items already in your closet or other pieces you're shopping for online.

7. If you don't love it, don't buy it. 

I have to say it. If you're on the fence about it in any way whether it's the size, color or fit...leave it on the site. Trust me, when it arrives you probably won't like it. Then, you'll have to go through the stressful process that is a return...ugh, returns!

Were these tips helpful? If you have any to share, comment below!