These items were sent in partnership with Collectively Inc. However, the book review  and expressed opinions are 100% my own. 

These items were sent in partnership with Collectively Inc. However, the book review  and expressed opinions are 100% my own. 

Who doesn't love a great "how I made it" story?

I do, especially if it's someone in the fashion and beauty industry. Whether it's how they built their own company from the ground up or got their dream job at a major magazine or design house, their glow up story is always interesting to me.

One thing’s for sure: success does not come overnight
— Maria Hatzistefanis

Maria Hatzistefanis is the founder and CEO of both Rodial and Nip+Fab. In her book " How to Be An Overnight Success, Maria shares how hard work, a lot of patience and dreaming big has helped to build up her beauty business.

As she says in the book, "one thing's for sure: success does not come overnight", and this couldn't be a more perfect lesson for me at the moment!

I have to remind myself to look back at where I started...and I’m always pleasantly surprised with the progress
— Maria Hatzistefanis

So, should you read it? I say Yes...

- If you like reading "how i made it"  glow up stories of successful people

- If you want to start your own company and need advice how to get started

- If you want tips on how to grow your existing business and personal brand

- If you want helpful tips on how to be successful while staying true to yourself and your vision

What's really in it for ask?

- Lessons learned from starting a business and taking risks

- Tips on how to overcome obstacles and setbacks in the company or life in general

- Advice on creating a solid personal brand and the importance of cultivating organic business-related relationships

My thoughts after reading it...

I have so may quote-worthy statements, tips and tricks scribbled in my notebook they could be a separate post in themselves. This doesn't even include the actual break down of the overnight success secrets that she lists at the end of each chapter. There's just so much to take away from the book that it's definitely worth the read!

Want a sneak peek? Check out Maria's "Top Five Tips to Success":

1. Find your motivation.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

3. It's very important to believe in yourself.

4. Always keep learning.

5. Always look your best.

Want more in detail? Get the book

BTW, these are my top 3 favorite Rodial/Nip+Fab products that I've tried, loved, or used until I ran case you were wondering.

The road will be bumpy and there will be challenges but if you love what you do and you have a real passion for it you are already close to being an overnight success.
— Maria Hatzistefanis