Wardrobe Must-Haves (2017 Edition)

Wardrobe Must Haves 2017 | www.paigedenisebrown.com

The point of personal style is to find items that you love to wear whether or not they are trending at the moment or liked by others. It's that certain style, color scheme, print, texture or brand that you always reach for that defines your style. Currently, I've been reaching for the following 5 things:

Faux Leather Jackets:

I love leather jackets now, but it's funny because when I was younger I hated them! I guess it was the style of jacket that I didn't like back when my parents tried to get me to wear them. However, I'm now obsessed with faux leather moto jackets. 

My favorite brand to shop: Bongo

Skinny Jeans:

Technically speaking, skinny jeans are not "supposed" to be ideal for my (triangle) body type. However, I can't bring myself to buy any boot-cut or wide leg pants at the moment. That's one fashion rule I've never followed anyways.

My favorite brand to shop: Express


Tall Flat Boots:

I'm not particularly a heel-wearing girl and I'm also only 5'3 so this sounds like a bad idea, but I don't care (I have a few tips about choosing/wearing over-the-knee boots if you're on the shorter side). Let me know if you would like to see a post on this!

My favorite brand to shop: Charlotte Russe

Draped Cardigans:

I'm obsessed with cardigans, and I don't really know why. It's just something about them that makes an outfit look better! I prefer the draped ones because they look more stylish in my opinion.

My favorite brand to shop: Charlotte Russe

Crossbody Bags:

I only carry a full-size handbag to work. Any other time, you see me with a small crossbody bag. It's so much easier, especially since I basically only need my phone, key, cards, lip gloss with me anyway.

My favorite brand to shop: Forever 21

So, what are your go-to items? Are there any pieces that go against the rules of your body type that you still love to wear anyway? Share them with me in the comments below!