How to Feel Your Best in an Outfit

Have you ever worn an outfit that you hated as soon as you walked out the door and didn't have time to change? An outfit can make or break your day, so if you have on a bad one it can kill your mood. Here's how to stop that from happening!

Charlotte Russe Olive Bomber Jacket Love Tree Black Romper Mossimo Grey Cardigan

Wear the appropriate undergarments. 

Nothing's worse than visible underwear lines or bra straps. Get seamless undies and bras with convertible straps. Also, try wearing a tank-top with adjustable straps (without the shelf bra) under your tops to smooth out any visible lines.

Make sure your clothes fit properly.

Whether the pieces are supposed to be loose or fitted, make sure it's right. Sometimes necklines are too low or jeans don't fit in the waist and it's annoying to keep fixing all day. Try on the clothes before buying or take them to a tailor to get them customized to your body shape.

Look at your outfit in bright and/or natural light.

Things look different in every type of light, especially colors. You may think your OOTD looks good in your room, then when you walk outside it changes for the worst. Don't be the person who looks like they got dressed in the dark.

Plan outfits ahead of time.

Don't wait until you're running out the door to put together look. You won't have time to put together a new outfit, and will be stuck wearing the bad one all day. 

Take photos of the outfits you liked (or disliked).

It will save you time when you're getting dressed, so you'll remember which styles look good on you.

Style isn't just about looking good, but also about feeling good. Share your tips on how to feel your best in an outfit below!